Nenad Leonart


»I believe that we can change this world through music and beauty. My journey here is about bettering myself every day and inspiring others to do the same.«

The three Elements


Creating Music and Art

»As the deepest art of expression, music radiates deep emotions and creates connections without words.«


Transformational Coaching

»Facilitating personal evolution and elevating to new heights as individuals is how we grow together as humanity.«


Timeless Exploration

»I am deeply curious about everything that makes us human and strive to learn more about it every day.«

Connected beyond the stage

1000+ Live Events. 1000+ Digital Content pieces. 100+ Events organized. 100+ Multimedia Productions. 100+ Delighted Clients. 50+ Projects launched. 

Reached Millions worldwide.

Top Projects


Baroque Music played on historical Keyboard Instruments [Harpsichord & Organ]


The TRIQUETA Celtic Music Ensemble is a dynamic Swiss trio dedicated to exploring long forgotten sounds


From Bach to Bytes: Coaching & Mentorship Program for Classical Musicians in the Digital Age

Exalted Mental Health:
Transformative Coaching designed to Elevate your Quality of Life.


Leonart Music Video: Videography and other Multi-Media Productions focused around Music


Merch for Classical Musicians. Virtual Instruments. Digital Products. All Leonart Services available.

The Approach

Facilitating – Elevating – Telling Stories of Legends

Since I can remember, I was always looking for that one thing that permeates everything. That thing that connects us all, going back through time and space…  

It has been more than just a spark of curiosity to find that which is the most universal. That touches us all. That goes so deep and so far back that it speaks true for everyone and everything.

I am truly fascinated by this world. I am captivated by all the different aspects of being human. I am intrigued by all the big as well as small things that have shaped our lives for good.

Maybe a little bit of this approach shines through. Maybe my music can speak in frequencies in which words can’t, and maybe the things I say or do can indeed open up new depths of experience and understanding.

I sincerely hope that the connections I make and the bridges I build will help to inspire others and let them ascend to new heights. And then that they create something new on top of it all.

Because that’s what it’s all about. For as long as I can, I will try to facilitate life for others, elevating the vibrations of this world. 

I’m just a visitor here, after all. So let’s enjoy some good stories in the meantime.

Why Leonart?


This is the part where I would tell you why you should choose me over anyone else. So let’s do it then. You’ve probably already figured out that I’m a pretty inventive guy, so talking about my creativity and pioneering spirit and so on would serve no other purpose besides tooting my own horn and wasting both of our time. 

10+ Years of

I have already been active in a deeply engaged manner for over 10 years now. Public appearances were always at the centre of it all (well over 1’000 at this point), while I was researching and pioneering new endeavours at the same time. I was always seeking to create a dialogue with my vis-a-vis, so the connection with others always took the central stage.


Working together with many highly skilled individuals and being extremely versatile myself through my thirst of knowledge, I was able to build a considerable network of exceptional people. My elevated social media presence allowed me further to connect to other industry experts and associate with a inner circle of successful & enterprising individuals. 

Proven Methods

Obviously, meticulous working methods and proven techniques are at the core of every successful endeavour. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am highly interested in the archetypical, that which truly works for everyone and everything, so over the years, I have put together a considerable amount of tactical and strategical expertise, which ultimately enables me to achieve every conceivable idea out there.

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